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Deceptively dark Synth-Pop from the Pacific Northwest.

Hexheart is the solo project of Jasyn Bangert.

"A fusion of influences, past and present with whatever else creeps into my head at the time."

Hexheart is the Darkwave / Synth-Pop project of Seattle WA based musician/producer Jasyn Bangert.

Well-known for his work in the Goth/Industrial scene, Jasyn started Hexheart for new material that does not fit in the world he has created with God Module. There may be slight similarities found within the projects but that is simply because they are both created by the same person. That aside, they are worlds apart from each other in both feeling and intent. 

Hexheart's music is a mix of retro New Wave vibes and modern Synth-Pop electronics with the occasional Darkwave inspired guitar melody. Dark emotional lyrics dealing with life, death, love and loss and are presented through slightly vocoded effects contributing to the modern nostalgic aesthetic.

Turn off the lights, dance in the dark and find the melody in the melancholy with Hexheart.

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